March 4

Squirt Queen Roxy in The Whole Nine Squirts

Squirt queen Roxy Riderher was at it again. This is the second part of her Cuckold Corner cream pie gang bang party at the Angels with Horns flat in London. Both are exclusively available on Faphouse.

Girl Squirting

Girl squirting? You are joking aren't you. Why is this video called "The Whole Nine Squirts"? As I counted every single one of them as I put the video together!

No wonder she needed that drink halfway through. I swear this girl is a camel, she stores fluid to squirt so much!

MILF Squirt

It helps the Chef was on hand as this guy is a pussy whisperer. At so many of my parties he had the sluts squirting like a Bellagio fountain at show time. Watch the trailer above to see that Roxy was putty or should I say a walking geyser in his hands (and tongue). This milf squirt over and over again.

Roxy loves it hard, are you?

This woman is insatiable and loved gushing 9 times as the guys used her like the slut she is. Watch as the Chef makes her explode as the cuckold subbed is there open mouthed ready to drink everything. Click the button below and get ready to be blown away. 

girl squirting


Oh yes, the cuckold clean up boy was on hand to hoover up as soon as the squirt queen starts squirting. It quickly becomes a game of cat (or is that pussy) and mouth lol. Roxy is such a femdom bitch with him. She makes him beg to drink down her projectiles.

A couple of time she squirted so quick he couldn’t drink it and that really amused the slut.

Pussy Whisperer 2?

It was not just the Chef who made her squirt. Watch as Star Wars (watch) pounds the slut so hard, she gushes everywhere. One bit I love is right at the start when Roxy explains to the cuckold how to make a girl and answers a lot of questions guys have always had but never asked. Who said porn couldn't be educational.

Squirt Queen

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is the second video to be released on Faphouse. You can see details of the hour long first video starring the squirt queen here. Believe it, or not, there are another 3 videos from this party to be released. It includes a special guest for the last 3. Want a clue? Get ready for lesbian squirting!

wife squirts

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