March 15

Lesbians squirt in the bath

Lesbians squirting in the bath? Well as soon as Lila-Rose walked into the Angels with Horns flat, the Squirt Queen, Roxy, had eyes for no one else.

This was a quick session as Lila-Rose had a date!

 the rest of her little treat for my Fanclub members, a shorty but goody… just like Lila-Rose. 

At the end of the Cuckold Corner gangbang, that Lila-Rose gate-crashed as she wanted to play with Roxy; both of the sluts took Alan (one of the cuckolds) to the bathroom to piss on. 

As Lila-Rose says at the beginning of the video, I love subbies and Alan was certainly that for the two of them. Laying in the bath looking up, open mouthed; he was soon covered in Lila-Rose’s piss. Just as the same front room and bedroom, the human vacuum cleaner didn’t miss a drop.  

Want to catch it all?

Be like the little subbed boy and don't miss a thing. Click on the button below to go directly to my Faphouse channel where you can watch Alan drink Lila-Rose's piss whilst Roxy Rideher is made to squirt all over him by the Chef's talented fingers. 

Lesbians squirt
lesbian squirts

Lesbians Squirt in the Bath

The Chef joined in and his magic fingers soon had Roxy squirting on the cuck subbie in the bath and he got covered again. 

So with Lila-Rose pissing on him and Roxy squirting all over him, we truly had two women making sure the little subbed knew his place. We truly had lesbians squirt in the bath all over him.

He was one happy, full subbie.  

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