March 19

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This girl squirting over and over again brought After a break a new guy, who had been following the party on Twitter decided to cum and join the fun. He was a big fan of Lila-Rose and could not resist the chance to cum and fuck the teen slut.

He immediately latched on to her sumptuous tits like a starving infant. With the cuck clean up boy on the other tit, the goth femdom was in her element.

Roxy came back into the room and was quickly joined on the bed by Lila as the guys dived in (balls deep) and the gang bang was back on.

Girls Squirting

At the beginning of the party, Roxy had said anything goes as long as no one cums in her. This was soon forgotten. The fourth guy to fuck the blonde MILF was soon deep inside her. I do not know what he was doing whilst on Twitter and getting over to the party, but he did not last long.

Roxy's getting it, are you?

Look in those eyes, you know she is a filthy slut. Now is your chance to watch the full 2.5 hours from this squirting bonanza. With her squirting pussy Squirt Roxy, literally squirts over 20 times. The Bellagio Fountains have nothing on her. Click the button below.

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Girls That Squirt

Much to the Squirt Queen’s amusement as she belittled the guy.

He may not have lasted long but his cum was certainly glistening in her well used cunt. In fact, his cum was in her longer than he was!

Unperturbed the Star Wars was soon balls deep in Roxy too. He obviously enjoyed the feeling the creampie around his cock as he slammed into the slut.

He was not the only one enjoying it too. Roxy was back to her Bellagio best and was soon squirting again. My favourite of all her squirts was when the Star Wars fan pulled out with the Squirt Queen’s legs in the air. The surprised MILF manages to squirt into her own mouth! Truly amazing seeing her soaking wet from her own gushing!

Squirting Girls

She soon got bored of cock and wanted pussy again. To be honest since Lila-Rose had walked into the Angels with Horns flat, Roxy only had eyes for her.

Having ended the last session with a catfight the two were soon kissing the face off each other before Roxy told the big titted goth to sit on her face. 

Girl Squirt

Lila-Rose was only too happy to grind her freshly fucked cunt all over the surprisingly submissive Roxy’s face. I love when Lila-Rose pulls the video camera from its position on the headboard of the bed to give you a close-up of Roxy between her legs. 

Girl Squirting

As always, the clean-up boy was waiting to drink anything Roxy would give him and he was not disappointed as he drank down more of the Squirt Queen’s amber nectar.

After cumming a few more times, it was time for Roxy and Lila-Rose to take the clean-up boy to the toilet to piss on but … that is the final video from the party.

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